Animal Enclosures

Animal Enclosures

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Our range caters for animals of all sizes and varieties, whether you're looking for cheap do kennels for your beloved pets, boarding kennels or just somewhere for them to take shelter from the sun then we have something in our range for you. Our range can also be customised using our optional extras to ensure you are able to achieve your perfect cheap kennels.

£ 135.00 each Cheap Kennels - Dog Kennel 3x2
5 5 1 Product
£ 163.00 each Cheap Kennels - Dog Kennel 4x3
5 5 1 Product
£ 188.00 each Cheap Kennels - Dog Kennel 4x4
5 5 1 Product
£ 714.00 each Hen House 3x6
4.5 5 2 Product
£ 233.00 each Animal Arc
2.57143 5 7 Product
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Cheap Kennels

We take the time to understand your requirements to design, build and install a cheap kennel which isn't just cost-effective but also meeting expectations. We have many supplementary options to enhance, customise and completely add new usage to kennels in a way never before thought possible.

Ensure your Kennel is what you want it to be, which does not break the bank, contact us today.

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